Is Slide Fold Stack good or bad




1. The basic materials are generally made of aluminum alloys, and the international standard is 1~2mm thick, so the sturdiness of the Slide Fold Stack door is very high, so the door that meets the standard is not prone to deformation problems. The cost of raw materials is very high, so the price of this material of aluminum alloy is expensive.

Slide Fold Stack prices

2. Tracks and Wheels The tracks and wheels of the Slide Fold Stack door are all made of high-quality alloys. This kind of push-pull folding door will not be astringent when in use, easy to push and pull, and not easy to deform after long-term use .
3. Because the glass is a side door, the area is still relatively large. Of course, the tempered glass is much better, but the tempered glass will be relatively expensive. The Slide Fold Stack door has two types of glass, which are single-layer and double-layer. If it is simply isolated indoors, it is enough to use single-layer glass. If it is to be used for indoor and outdoor noise isolation, double-layer thick glass should be selected, so that the sound insulation effect will be much better.