What are the installation requirements for a freestanding bathtub




The independent bathtub has very high requirements on the bathroom space. At least the bathroom should provide the bathtub with a usable area of more than two square meters. Of course, if the bathroom area is not enough, you can choose to use a Japanese-style wooden barrel with a smaller area.

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Water inlet and outlet problems. When decorating the bathroom, it is necessary to prepare the required water inlets or channels for it. For the renovated commercial houses, it is best to discuss with the developer in advance to modify the position of the water outlet and the sewer, so as to facilitate the installation of a separate bathtub in the future.
There are many factors to consider to create a comfortable bathing environment. When designing the overall bathroom, you must think about the location of the bathtub in advance. How to coordinate the color and material of the bathtub with the floor, wall, and furniture; when using a freestanding bathtub, it is best to configure appropriate hardware around it for use when bathing.