What are the bathtub shell hardware




When installing the bathtub, it is also necessary to understand the specific steps and related accessories. What are the accessories for the bathtub?
Single control valve core: It mainly controls the water flow of the faucet and is controlled by rotation. The general maximum rotation degree is 90 degrees. Its material composition is mainly made of barrel material, of which 59% is lead brass, and a small amount of ceramic pieces. and O-rings made of silicone.

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Filter element: It is mainly used as a special tool for purifying water. It is generally used in faucets. There are many types of filter elements and different materials. Different uses have different types and materials.
Rubber parts: generally O-rings, which mainly play a role in sealing, there are two kinds of dynamic seals and static seals. There are also Y-rings and rubber pads.
Hose: It is mainly a hose for water intake, and for a bathroom, it is mainly a pulling hose.
Mounting parts: M8 single-control horseshoe pad, M6 double-hole horseshoe pad, M6 double-hole enlarged horseshoe pad.
Drainer refers to the drainage device for bathtubs, washbasins, etc. According to the type, it can be divided into bounce launching and flip launching. According to the material, it can be divided into all copper water, stainless steel water, plastic water and so on. Among them, the drainer made of copper is the best and has the longest service life.