Adjustable Shower Bracing Bars Analysis of Common Problems of Shower Doors




It can be found that no matter the shower room products produced by any company have been used for more than 15 years, the probability of door shaking will reach about 1%, which means that this is a relatively common problem.

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The reason why such a problem occurs is that in the actual use process, the time of sliding the door is too long, which will cause some parts to fail, such as loose fixing screws, and more than 50% of the shower rooms have the problem of shaking when the door is opened. It is because the fixing screw is loose. After this situation occurs, we can completely solve the problem as long as we tighten the fixing screw.
There is another problem, which has many similarities with the above problems, that is, when opening the door, the door cannot be opened, or the door must be opened with force. The reason for this is that the shower room has been used for too long. The door body is sagging, once the sagging state will directly affect the use effect of the hinge, and the flexibility of the hinge will be affected.