How to maintain the various parts of the shower room




Nowadays, home decoration basically installs a shower room at home, and the safety level of the shower room has also increased greatly in recent years. Basically, the safety accident of the shower room is rarely seen. Adjustable Shower Bracing Bars manufacturers take stock of the precautions for use.

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What we need to pay attention to is that in long-term use, the pulley of the shower room needs to be lubricated. The pulley of the shower room needs to be lubricated because the bathroom shower room is a push-pull type. If you do not pay attention to lubrication and maintenance during normal use, and if you use too much force in daily use, it is easy to cause the door to get stuck and difficult to pull. Or the door falls off, etc. And if there is a fall off, a door may fall and be seriously injured. Of course, in addition to lubricating and not using the push door vigorously, it is also necessary to adjust the slider screw of the shower pulley in a timely manner to prevent loosening and cause accidents.
Adjustable Shower Bracing Bars manufacturers remind everyone not to use corrosive liquids, etc. to wipe the door frame or hardware, which is easy to damage and corrode the door frame and hardware. Of course, it is not allowed to wipe the door frame and hardware with a particularly rough rag, because it is easy to leave scratches on the door frame and hardware, which will affect the aesthetics.