Shower Room Connectors manufacturers tell you the components of the shower room




Mainly include: glass, metal frame, guide rail, Shower Room Connectors hardware connector, handle, water retaining strip. The most important of which is the glass and the installation and fixing method.

Shower Room Connectors manufacturers

The glass is generally tempered glass. There are three thicknesses of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. The glass must be tempered glass with 3C certification (compulsory certification mark). Since tempered glass has a certain self-explosion rate (3‰-5‰), it is necessary to purchase safety glass with explosion-proof film for safety.
Connecting wall profiles: Regarding the connection and installation method of glass and wall, it is generally divided into framed installation and frameless installation. The former is the Shower Room Connectors frame that supports the whole through aluminum alloy or stainless steel, and the fixed glass is more stable. The latter has no frame and is fixed with glass support rods or wall clips.
Generally, after the installation is completed, the last step is to glue. It is recommended to prepare the sealing silicone in advance. After applying the glue and waiting for it to dry, be sure to turn on the shower to test whether the shower room is leaking. In some places, due to the dead corners, the glue is not easy to apply, and it will be missed. In these places, water will leak to the ground in the dry area. Therefore, the earlier the inspection, the earlier the rectification.