Shower Room Connectors supplier tells you how to install the glass and top frame of the shower room




If the glass and top frame of the shower room are not installed carefully, it is easy to have problems such as misalignment and seams.

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1. Install tempered glass
Shower Room Connectors believes that if the shower room consists of two pieces of tempered glass and two sliding doors, after installing the bottom frame and the wall frame, the next step is to install two pieces of tempered glass. The installation of tempered glass first needs to be placed in a good position, and the next step is to fix the bottom.
The two pieces of tempered glass do not need to be moved, so they need to be fixed with accessories. The first is to use the Shower Room Connectors U-shaped accessories to clamp the master, and then use pliers and screwdrivers to fix the nuts and screws that connect to the bottom frame.
2. Install the top frame
Step 1: After the two pieces of tempered glass are installed, you can install and fix the top frame. In fact, after the top frame is installed against the wall frame, you need to try to install it to see if the docking is accurate.
Step 2: Before the formal fixed installation, it is also necessary to locate and drill holes to determine the fixed position.
The third step: connect the fixed part on the top frame in advance.