Shower Room Connectors manufacturers introduce you to the overall shower room installation




The basic structure of the overall shower room is a bottom basin and a fence, so the overall shower room is to install the bottom basin first, and then install the fence and other frames.

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1. To install the overall shower room, first divide the corresponding space from the bathroom, so as to determine the installation position of the overall shower room.
2. When installing, first assemble the bottom basin in the fixed position. After installation, you must first check whether the level of the bottom basin is level.
3. The third step is to conduct a waterproof test on the installed bottom basin. If there is water leakage or waterway blockage, it must be corrected in time before the next step.
4. The shower door has a sliding door. After the waterproof test of the bottom basin is no problem, the track can be installed, and the lower track must be installed in the middle of the stone foundation.
5. Next, install the aluminum alloy frame of Shower Room Connectors. First, insert the edge material into the upper and lower guide rails, and then lock it with screws. Install the aluminum material against the wall into the left and right sides, and place the assembled shower room frame on the stone. The base is in the center, and the horizontal position is adjusted. After that, make a hole in the aluminum material against the wall, and then use the fastening screws to lock the aluminum alloy frame of Shower Room Connectors on the stone foundation.
6. Then, the back of the bottom basin and the shower screen should be fixed to each other with Shower Room Connectors screws, and the fixing pieces on both sides.