How to install Shower Room Connectors




1. First find "eccentric connectors" from the product package, that is, copper connectors with threads on both ends that look a little misaligned. Wrap them with raw material tape, and then connect them properly with the pre-embedded outlet pipe joints. When installing, be sure to use the eccentric joint to adjust the direct distance of the water outlet on the wall to about 15cm.

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2. Assemble the main body of the faucet and the main body outlet pipe, and wrap the threads with raw material tape before connecting. Then put the installed main shower faucet on the front water outlet and take a look. First draw a line on the wall where the middle of the shower rod needs to be fixed with screws, so as to locate and install the fixed seat.
3. Drill holes on the position of the shower head and put in nylon anchor bolts, and then fix the base to the wall with screws.
4. Install the shower rod and faucet together on the eccentric joint fixed seat. If the position is not correct, you can adjust the eccentric joint box fixed seat to make some appropriate adjustments. When installing, be sure to install a sealing washer between the nut behind the faucet and the eccentric joint.