The role of Face Fix System in fixing glass species




The application of glass in modern life is very extensive. It can be said that as long as there is a building, there will be glass, and glass is also a very good decoration material in buildings. It is generally used in conjunction with doors and windows. Of course, in some large modern buildings There will also be glass curtain walls. When installing the glass, pay attention to fix it with the Face Fix System, otherwise it is easy to have the danger of the glass falling, so what is the method of fixing the frameless glass with the Face Fix System?

Face Fix System material

First, do the positioning work, such as the level from the ground to the top of the door frame; then use the metal decorative plate to embed the top limit groove, and then use expansion bolts to fix the wooden bottom bracket; use plywood to fix the door frame column, and wrap it with a Layer metal decorative surface; Finally, use the Face Fix System glass suction cup to inlay the thick glass, seal it with glass glue, and the frameless glass is fixed.