Face Fix System Glass Claws Install Sunroom Ceiling Glass




The so-called use of the claw pieces of the Face Fix System glass to install the glass means that when we install the glass of the sun roof, we also use the claw pieces to fix and connect the glass, and connect the claw pieces to the structure of the sun. In this way, the firmness of our glass is ensured through the installation of a claw piece. The specific method is as follows.

Face Fix System material

We first need to confirm the specific size of the glass on the roof of the sun room. Then select the appropriate position for installing the claw pieces according to the size of the glass. That is to say, when our glass is processed, we need to reserve a suitable position for installing the special claw pieces of the Face Fix System. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for us to increase it later.
Glass sealing and final fixation. In fact, we only use the claw pieces to fix the glass on the top surface of the sun room. At this time, the last and most critical step is to seal the glass. Here, I personally recommend that you use a weather-resistant special copper silicate weather-resistant structural adhesive for sealing. Fill the glass with structural glue, and then apply sealant to the position of the claw if you are worried about leakage. No sealant is required if the Face Fix System glass jaws are installed correctly.