How to choose Cuboid Slimline Handrail for interior stairs




What materials are popular in the market for stairs, Cuboid Slimline Handrail? How should I choose the Cuboid Slimline Handrail for home improvement indoor stairs? Here is a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of several stair handrails.

china Cuboid Slimline Handrail

1. Solid wood stairs Cuboid Slimline Handrail: The advantages of solid wood stair handrails are that they are thick and durable, have a good touch, and will not feel cold, and the solid wood has good environmental protection, natural texture, and can be matched with various decoration styles. Of course, solid wood stair handrails have high requirements for later maintenance, and the investment in the early stage and in the process of use is huge.
2. Aluminum alloy staircase Cuboid Slimline Handrail: Aluminum alloy staircase Cuboid Slimline Handrail can bring an artistic atmosphere to the home and is suitable for use in personalized home styles, such as European style. It uses aluminum alloy staircase handrails. . The characteristic of aluminum alloy stair handrail is that its appearance can be realized in various colors through paint, which looks beautiful and fashionable, and is one of the mainstream indoor stair handrails.
3. Glass stair handrail: The characteristic of glass is that it has good permeability and does not block light. It is very suitable for small apartments. It is more suitable to use glass stair railings in simple style decoration. The glass stair railing can first visually increase its sense of openness. Its shortcomings are poor durability, high price, and it is easy to hurt people when broken.