What to Look Out for with Washroom Partition Fittings Systems




1. Consider the water resistance of the door frame threshold
Consider whether the glass Washroom Partition Fittings Systems in the bathroom has a door frame to block water. If there is no special installation of threshold stone, the threshold stone should generally be 1.5cm-2cm higher than the ground, otherwise the shower water will flow out from under the door, and the dry and wet partition will not be achieved. purpose, which may cause inconvenience. Be careful, do not use the glideslope, because the water and dust in the slideway are difficult to clean, and it will stink for a long time.

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2. A handle bar should be installed on the side of the bathtub
The bathtub in the bathroom is the place where the whole family needs to take a bath, and there are dangerous factors such as water and shower gel in the bathroom that may easily cause slipping. It is the elderly and children in the family, and it is necessary to pay more attention to this detail.
3. Do a good job of moisture-proof measures for switching power supply
The bathroom should be the water base in the home, so in order to ensure safety, the bathroom must plan to use pull-wire switches when it is renovated, and its power sockets and other electrical equipment should also be covered with moisture-proof covers.
4. The glass door should choose organic or tempered glass
The glass door of Washroom Partition Fittings Systems in the shower room should be made of plexiglass or tempered glass to avoid hurting people. If the glass is colorless, it is best to apply the pattern at comparable eye level to avoid breaking the glass.