What does Washroom Partition Fittings Systems do




1. Can be separated from wet and dry

Because the water vapor in the bathroom is large and the water consumption is large, many friends still do wet and dry separation during the design to separate the dry area from the wet area. In this way, when the wet area uses water, it will not affect the dry area, which can enhance the practicability of the toilet, and the phenomenon that the ground is wet everywhere will not appear.

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2. Strong security

After doing the Washroom Partition Fittings Systems between the dry and wet areas, it can effectively reduce the wetness of the ground in the dry area, reduce the occurrence of water problems on the ground, and also reduce the occurrence of accidents such as slips and falls. If the bathroom floor is always wet, it is not only inconvenient to use, but a person who is not careful can easily slip and be injured.
3. Increase the service life of the equipment

After doing Washroom Partition Fittings Systems in the dry and wet area, it can reduce the occurrence of problems such as damping of boards and damping of electrical appliances to a certain extent. The bathroom itself has heavy water vapor. When using water, if you are not careful, the water stains will easily splash into the electrical appliances, which will easily cause damage to the electrical appliances. After the partition is made, it can prevent the electrical appliances from getting wet, and can protect the electrical appliances to a certain extent.

4. Improve life efficiency

When the dry area and the wet area are separated, it can effectively improve the efficiency of space use and improve the efficiency of life. In the morning, the bathroom can accommodate two people at the same time, one person can wash alone, and the other person can go to the toilet alone, so that they do not interfere with each other and will not affect the use of others.