What is the best material for Washroom Partition Fittings Systems




We can use moisture-proof board, PVC board, natural stone partition, metal material, artificial board, natural stone, PVC foam, composite board, glass, etc. Wood-based panels have good moisture resistance and stain resistance.

Washroom Partition Fittings Systems for home user

Moisture board. The moisture-proof board is made by adding a certain proportion of moisture-proof particles in the production process of the base material, and is made of multi-layer special fiber materials and pressed at high temperature and high pressure, which is suitable for humid environments. The cross-sectional expansion of the moisture-proof board due to water is greatly reduced. After high temperature and high pressure one-time molding, wood fiber, special moisture-proof agent and melamine are used as surface decoration, which is most suitable for Washroom Partition Fittings Systems materials.
Natural Stone Washroom Partition Fittings Systems. Natural stone has a solid structure and very good texture. It can be effectively waterproof, but it is easy to stick and stain and turn yellow. It needs to cooperate with other materials. It has poor integrity and high cost. It is suitable for humid environments.