How to Fix Glass with the Face Fix System




1. Some owners will choose a Face Fix System when closing the balcony, that is, a large floor-to-ceiling window. The specific installation is still relatively complicated, not as simple as imagined. First of all, you need to determine the installation position, and open a groove on the top of the balcony and close to the edge to prevent rainwater from flowing into the room.

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2. Next, install the column in the determined position. The verticality of the column must meet the standard, and the beam installation must be very level. Next, do the cleaning work, and then fix the whole frame to the window hole with wooden wedges. When fixing, you need to use expansion screws. You need to fix an expansion screw every 50~60 cm. You must not use less, otherwise it will be very weak.
3. After the initial fixation, fill the gap with styrofoam for sealing. There is styrofoam that flows out. After drying, scrape it off with a knife, and finally seal it again with sealing glass glue.

4. After the window frame is fixed, the window sash, glass and hardware accessories can be installed next.