Stainless steel glass railing Face Fix System design and installation essence




After more than ten years of development, stainless steel glass railings have become one of the most commonly used guardrails. Stainless steel glass railings have the characteristics of easy installation, simple structure and beautiful appearance, which are more in line with the current simple and fashionable aesthetics.

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Stainless steel glass railings are packaged with common handrail tubes, Face Fix System and tempered glass (laminated glass), etc. In order to ensure the safety function of the railing, the installation of the entire stainless steel glass railing must be firm. Stainless steel glass railings are mostly used for stair handrails, balcony guardrails, etc. The overall height varies according to the installation environment. If it is used in stair handrails, it is generally about 900mm above the tread surface. If the slope is greater than 330, the height of the glass railing should be greater than 900mm. The distance between common stainless steel railings is generally not more than 130mm, which can effectively prevent children from falling out of the railings and lead to safety accidents.
In the design of the whole stainless steel glass railing not only has a good decorative effect, but also it is a relatively good force-bearing component, which plays a protective role and can withstand a certain degree of external force such as pushing and leaning, so the glass in the design of the stainless steel glass railing must be have enough strength. In response to this demand, the thickness of tempered glass or laminated glass is generally not less than 12mm. At the same time, due to the characteristics of glass raw materials, it is necessary to avoid direct contact with rigid nodes. For example, the places where glass and stainless steel railings are connected generally have elastic material gaskets, such as nylon gaskets with a thickness of 1mm.