Buying points for bathroom Architectural Glass Fittings




Four elements for purchasing bathroom Architectural Glass Fittings: Due to the humid environment in the bathroom, accessories also tend to use moisture-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials. Architectural Glass Fittings has gradually become the mainstream of bathrooms with its unique gloss and multiple shapes. To choose suitable and durable Architectural Glass Fittings, pay attention to the following points:

good price and quality Architectural Glass Fittings

1. Practical. Most of the imported products are titanium alloy or copper chrome-plated, with crisp "color surface", exquisite and durable, but the price is relatively expensive. Nowadays, the price of copper chrome plating of some joint venture brands or domestic brands is relatively affordable, while the price of stainless steel chrome plating products is lower.

2. Many small accessories will use glass. For the needs of daily cleaning and maintenance, the bathroom should use acid-resistant and very smooth glass. Consumers need to be reminded that the primary consideration for purchasing accessories is whether they are durable and practical, and should not be too influenced by fashion trends.

3. Matching. It should match the three-dimensional style of the bathroom three-piece set (bathtub, toilet, and washbasin) configured by yourself, and also match the shape of the faucet and its surface coating treatment. Bathroom accessories include copper plastic-plated products, copper-polished copper products, and more chrome-plated products. Among them, titanium alloy products are high-grade products, followed by copper-chromium products, stainless steel chrome-plated products, and aluminum alloy chrome-plated products. , Iron chrome products and even plastic products.

4. Coating. Among the chrome-plated products, the coating of ordinary products is 20 microns thick. After a long time, the material inside is easily oxidized by air, while the copper chrome-plated layer with exquisite workmanship is 28 microns thick, and its structure is compact, the coating is uniform, and the use effect is good.