Architectural Glass Fittings manufacturers tell you how to choose high-quality glass door handles




First of all, we must start with understanding stainless steel materials. The stainless steel tube should be thick, otherwise it may be dented. It is recommended to use one touch and two knocks when purchasing. If it is a thin tube, it will be the same temperature as your hand soon after being held, while the thick tube will be colder; if the thick tube is tapped with your fingers, the sound will be crisp, while the thin tube will be dull. There are also some unscrupulous manufacturers who deceive customers by pouring cement inside. There are many grades of stainless steel, and the price is very different. Try to use 304 stainless steel produced by regular manufacturers.

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The surface of the stainless steel handle product is smooth and compact, and it is not easy to be polluted by dust; if there is a slight scratch, the stainless steel handle can be removed by wiping it with water abrasive paper and toothpaste.
The handle style must be purchased according to the style of home decoration. Although the handle is small, it is very conspicuous. If you buy a different style of handle, it will be particularly abrupt. Different styles of home decoration can use handles of different materials, retro style can choose all-metal handles, classical style and pastoral style can choose ceramic handles, modern minimalist style can choose aluminum alloy handles or stainless steel handles.
When buying a handle, check whether the protective film on the surface is still there, whether there are obvious scratches on the surface, and a handle with a brighter gloss. You can also touch it to feel the texture of some handles, especially the position of the edges should be smooth.