Buying Shower Enclosures Architectural Glass Fittings Essentials




1. Tempered glass: Most people think that tempered glass is better than tempered glass, which is a misunderstanding. The glass used in the shower room door needs to meet the standard of safety glass, that is, it needs to pass the test of impact temperature difference before it can be applied. In addition, most people think that the thicker the glass, the better, but this is not the case. As long as the former test can be passed, the thin glass is beneficial to the service life of the product (the heavier the glass, the greater the burden on the pulley and hinge) and the safety. Generally speaking, it is sufficient to use 3-5mm tempered glass for framed glass doors, and 6-8mm glass for frameless glass.

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2. Surface treatment: The metal surface of the general shower door frame material can be divided into coating (powder or liquid) and electroplating. No matter which process is used, it is necessary to know the thickness, hardness, brightness, adhesion, etc. of the coating film and whether it has passed or not. Resistant to thick salt spray and chemical tests, because it is installed in the bathroom at a high temperature and chemicals are often used in it, the metal surface treatment should not be taken lightly.

3. The location of the manufacturer and its after-sales service: From an economic point of view, the shower room is a durable asset, but it needs to be switched on and off every day. Except for adults and children, the force point and strength are different, and it will be due to personal mood. Improper operation of ups and downs or usage habits can lead to failure to reach the expected service life. However, the shower door mainly relies on pulleys and hinge switches, plus the plastic and hardware accessories of the combined product. If the manufacturer or its distribution agent can provide professional services for the product, I believe this group of shower rooms will not become an orphan in the bathroom.
4. Type and size: Each bathroom has different specifications and sizes, so when choosing, both subjective and objective factors need to be considered. In addition, unless the shower space is relatively large. The internal folding type should be avoided, so as to avoid accidents when someone takes a shower, and the door cannot be opened, which is regrettable.