How to choose a high-quality shower enclosure for your bathroom Architectural Glass Fittings




In fact, many families have not studied the shower room Architectural Glass Fittings in detail. Although the shower room Architectural Glass Fittings is only a small item in the bathroom, it will be ignored inadvertently, but it is extremely important. The selection of high-quality and beautiful shower accessories will improve the beauty of your entire bathroom and the time of use, but the selection of low-quality accessories will cause problems such as looseness, rust, peeling, and black spots after a period of use. So how to choose a high-quality and beautiful shower room Architectural Glass Fittings?

good price and quality Architectural Glass Fittings

Good shower room Architectural Glass Fittings generally have environmentally friendly copper chrome plating, as long as the coating process is in place, it will not rust after long-term use, but this material is expensive, and secondly, 304 environmentally friendly stainless steel material, 201 low-grade stainless steel After a few months, it will show obvious rust spots, or bend and crack. Some good brand pendants will use high-grade 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel of SUS304 stainless steel bathroom pendant has a chromium content of 16%, which has good stability and strong corrosion resistance. Even if it is used in a humid environment for a long time, it will not rust. , and 201 stainless steel, despite its name "stainless", rusts in a humid environment is a very widespread phenomenon.