How to install Balustrading Support Brackets




1. Laying out and positioning for the installation of Balustrading Support Brackets Combine the fixed glass and movable glass door into a complete glass door, and then according to the requirements of the design and construction drawings, carry out unified laying out and positioning, and determine the position of the door frame.

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2. Fix the glass nails installed by Balustrading Support Brackets. Two small square wooden strips are placed on the inside and outside of the bottom support square wood, sandwich the thick glass in the middle, then apply all-purpose glue on the square wooden strips, and at the same time stick the decorative metal on the square. on wooden slats. When installing the glass door clip, inject glass glue to seal each gap, such as the top limit groove, the two sides of the bottom bracket opening, the thick glass and the frame column, etc., inject glass glue to seal, and scrape the excess glass glue with a tool go.

3. Glass docking installed by Balustrading Support Brackets The fixed part of the glass door sometimes needs to be spliced ??due to the size, so the width of the joint should be 2-3 mm, and then the edge of the glass plate should be chamfered. Spring installation for glass door clip installation The floor spring and the positioning pin on the top surface of the door frame must be on the same axis after installation.

4. Installation of upper and lower door clips for glass door installation Install upper and lower metal Balustrading Support Brackets on the upper and lower ends of the glass door leaf respectively. Balustrading Support Brackets for glass door installation Insert small wooden strips into the gaps on both sides of the glass and door clips and inject glass glue. Handle installation for glass door installation First, apply glass glue to the part where the handle is inserted into the glass, then insert the handle, and then fix the screw until the root is tightly connected to the glass.