What are the key points of using Face Fix System




1. When in use, the action of pushing and pulling the window should be light and let the flow take its course. If it is difficult to push and pull, first check what is causing it, and do not pull hard and cause secondary damage. Dust accumulation is generally the cause of difficulty in pushing and pulling, so the window frame should be cleaned regularly.

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2. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inner tank, or you can use a rag with detergent to wipe it. Do not step on the window frame when cleaning, which will cause damage, and standing on the window frame is also a very dangerous behavior.

3. Always check the Face Fix System frame, and replace it in time if it is damaged. Regularly check the parts that are easily damaged. After rainy days, there will be accumulated water in the chute that is not cleaned in time. The increased friction of the window frame will also make it difficult to push and pull the window. At this time, you can consider using some oil or lubricating oil.