What is Face Fix System




The Face Fix System is a unique system for attaching glass railings and pool fences without compromising the visual appearance and aesthetics of the building. Its unique clamping and adjustment system means no direct pressure is applied to the glass, and the system can be easily adjusted to level glass. He is often used in the installation of floor-to-ceiling windows. So how are floor-to-ceiling windows installed?

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When installing a single block, install the top first, align the top to the top, and then align the lower chute. You can see that there are three holes at the bottom of the two vertical frames of the window sash, and the bottom is a half hole, which corresponds to the position of the pulley in the window sash. Pay attention to the feeling that the pulley should be placed on the chute.
Sometimes the pulley will protrude and block the chute and cannot be installed well. In this case, use a Phillips screwdriver. There is an adjustment screw in the middle hole of the three holes. Rotating it counterclockwise will lower the pulley. height, you can put it in.
After everything is installed, if you move the pulley, then you need to re-adjust the height of the pulley. The requirements are that the sliding is smooth, there is no sharp friction, and the lock can be closed well after the two sashes are closed.