Introduction of how to use glass curtain wall Mini Posts (Spigots)




Glass curtain wall Mini Posts (Spigots), as an important accessory for connecting glass curtain walls, plays an important role in the connection of glass curtain walls. Through Mini Posts (Spigots), the load is transferred to the steel structure or other main structures, and its mechanical properties are described here. It is particularly important, so for experienced installers, it is necessary to master more technical and knowledge points when installing point curtain wall accessories. Today, we will introduce some details that need to be paid attention to when installing stainless steel Mini Posts (Spigots). , hope it can help everyone.

good price and quality Mini Posts (Spigots)
The stainless steel Mini Posts (Spigots) point curtain wall accessories are composed of connecting joints, connecting claws, adapters and other components. The connecting claw is mainly used as a supporting joint, and transfers the load to the fixed support structure system, which is the connection glass. An important accessory of the curtain wall. With the impact of the curtain wall industry, in order to achieve better use of stainless steel splicing claws, construction details are crucial.