How to choose hardware accessories for glass doors and windows




Hardware accessories account for a small proportion of doors and windows, but they play a vital role. Without hardware accessories, doors and windows are just a bunch of loose parts. The opening and closing and closing of doors and windows are driven by hardware accessories to complete the mechanical movement of doors and windows. Therefore, the experience of doors and windows brought by good hardware quality is completely different.

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The handle of doors and windows is usually used the most and touches the most. Its function is to open and close doors and windows, so the most important parameters in this part are the brand, the number of times of use, the lifespan and the quality of spray oxidation.
The hinge is responsible for the opening and closing of the window and the load-bearing. All the weight of the glass fan and the gauze fan is supported by the upper and lower hinges, so this thing must not be sloppy, especially if the high-rise residents use inferior hinges, it is very likely to happen. Risk of falling fan resulting in personal injury or death.
For the transmission, just buy brand goods, turn the handle to open the window and see the thickness and texture of the transmission on the side, and the smoothness of opening and closing.