Selection points of architectural glass hardware accessories




Many friends will learn more about hardware locks in advance when they consider purchasing hardware locks. Nowadays, there are many kinds of hardware products. The seemingly ordinary hardware locks are actually very important inside, so we will discuss them today. Let's take a look at how to choose the right hardware locks.

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Hardware lock knowledge - understand adaptability
Different hardware locks have different ranges of adaptation and operability. Therefore, we still need to be able to understand the adaptation effect of the purchased items before purchasing hardware locks. For example, we can choose suitable products according to different security doors. To replace the fingerprint lock, etc., then it is necessary to understand the sensitivity of the fingerprint lock.
Hardware lock knowledge - choose the right lock
When we buy hardware locks, we need to be able to choose the right product. This is not only considering the specific product effect, but also the size and price of the product. It is recommended that you choose the right lock according to the door lock you want to equip. Including different sizes of hardware locks and so on.