What are the architectural glass hardware accessories




There are three main types of hardware accessories on tempered glass doors: floor springs; glass door clips, connecting parts, hinges; door locks.

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1. Floor spring:

The floor spring is a type of hydraulic door closer, and the device for compressing the spring is a worm instead of a rack and pinion. Since the worm can be rotated forward and reverse, the floor spring can be used for doors that open in both directions, while the door closer can only be used for doors that open in one direction. The technical crux of the floor spring is the bearing seat at the lower part of the main shaft, which determines the bearing level of the floor spring.

2. Glass door clips, connecting pieces, hinges:

The glass door clip, also known as the inner core of the door clip, plays the role of fixing the glass door. Generally, MDF is used, because the friction force they receive over time is relatively large, so the requirements for material and process are higher.

The docking piece refers to the components such as the docking joint, the docking claw, and the adapter. The docking claw is mainly used as a supporting docking joint, and transmits the load to the fixed support structure system. It is an important accessory for connecting the glass curtain wall.
3. Door locks:
There are many classifications of door locks, and the requirements for door locks are different in various occasions. Ordinary families generally use anti-theft door locks, which have high security and relatively cheap prices. In some high-end places, institutions that require confidentiality will use them. Combination lock, fingerprint lock, high security, expensive.