What are the advantages of stainless steel railing support frame




The stainless steel railing support frame is fixed on the building structure and is used to support the handrail and the vertical components of the fixed glass plate, metal plate, steel pole, steel cable or metal mesh. It is the main load-bearing component of the guardrail. Stainless steel railing supports are widely used in balconies, stairs, landscape enclosures, passage isolation, etc. of buildings. The main varieties are glass guardrail stainless steel columns, rod guardrail stainless steel columns, glass partition stainless steel columns and other structural shapes.

Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps for house

Column accessories are used for the main body of the guardrail column to connect and clamp the glass fence and transmit the load. They can be used alone or in other fields, mainly including glass fixtures and connecting claws.

Glass partition stainless steel support: all-glass guardrail, which is not used for the connection of guardrail columns and handrails is called partition; it is mainly used to connect building structures that clamp glass guardrails and carry the load of glass guardrails. Guardrail installations, passage partitions, indoor glass partition walls and glass display stands, etc.

Stainless steel handrail accessories: used for the support of handrails or the connection and fixation of handrails. The main varieties are handrail supports, including connecting glass handrail supports and wall handrail supports, handrail connectors, including sealing cover, elbow, movable elbow, tee, cross, decorative cover, connecting sleeve and handrail fixing, etc. Wait.