Shower U channels & fittings Detailed installation method and precautions of bathroom doors and windows




(1) Positioning and laying out: According to the requirements of the design and construction drawings, the positioning line of the glass door is released, and the position of the door frame is determined, and the ground elevation, the top elevation of the door frame and the elevation of the middle horizontal frame are accurately measured.

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(2) U-shaped groove at the top of the installation frame: When installing, first draw out two metal decorative panel edges from the center line, and then install the limit U-shaped groove at the top of the door frame according to the edge. Adjust the depth of the grooves in the notch by means of the glued backing plate.
(3) Install the vertical door frame: Nail the square wood of the door frame by connecting the center line of the spring, and then use the plywood to determine the shape and position of the door frame column. Finally, it is covered with metal decorative surface.
(4) Installation of glass: The lower part of the glass is aligned with the center line, and the edges of the two sides just seal the seam of the metal facing outside the door frame, so that the facing is required to be invisible inside and outside.

(5) Fix the glass: Nail two small square wooden strips inside and outside the bottom support square wood to clamp the thick glass in the middle door. The square wooden strip is about 4mm away from the glass surface, and then apply multi-functional glue on the square wooden strip. , glue the veneer metal to the square wood strip.

(6) Sealing with glass glue: Inject glass glue to seal on both sides of the top limit groove and the bottom bracket opening, as well as the gaps between the thick glass and the frame column, etc. Start from the end of the gap, pour it along the gap at a constant speed, so that the glass glue forms a straight line with a uniform surface outside the gap, scrape off the excess glass glue with a plastic sheet, and wipe the glue with a cloth.

(7) Butt joint between glass: When the fixed part of the glass door needs to be spliced ??due to its large size, the width of the joint should be 2-3mm, and the edge of the glass plate should be chamfered.

(8) Install the upper and lower door clips of the glass door leaf: Install the upper and lower metal door clips on the upper and lower ends of the glass door leaf respectively, and measure the height of the door leaf.