How to fix the U-shaped groove of the glass railing




The glass railing has excellent permeability, looks fashionable and beautiful, and is easy to install, so it is widely welcomed by people. So how to fix the U Channel of the glass railing?

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1. How to fix the glass U Channel in the shower room?

First lay the board on the ground, and then set the auxiliary belt on the board, which is convenient for the subsequent setting of the glass door, and then put the U Channel. Note that the spacing of each U Channel needs to be the same, and the glass plate can be installed after the U Channel is stable. , it can be reinforced with special glue, and finally the stainless steel sealing plate and stainless steel fence are set up, and the edge is sealed.
2. What are the precautions for the installation of glass doors in the shower room?

1. Choose the appropriate glass material before construction, because the glass will be affected by moisture for a long time, so to ensure excellent anti-aging performance, good durability, and not easy to crack, you can give priority to tempered glass, glass laminated glass, and Also make sure that the thickness of the glass exceeds 12 mm.
2. The U Channel must be fixed during installation. If the fixing is not in place, when the glass door is used in the future, it may tilt and collapse, so that the personal safety of the owner cannot be guaranteed. When arranging the U-shaped groove , be sure to ensure the same size, specification, and material, and the distance between the U-shaped grooves is also the same, so as to ensure that the glass is balanced.
3. During glass construction, insert it into the U-shaped groove in the correct way, and then add an appropriate amount of glass sealant to the gap, which can strengthen the glass and reduce the probability of falling damage.