Detailed installation steps of shower room




The first step is to check the spare parts of the shower enclosure to prepare it for the site. Mainly to repair the spare parts of the shower room without causing any loss or damage. Then make sure the floor is clean and free of dust and water.

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The second step is to install the bottom seat
1. Assemble all parts of the bottom pot
2. Use a spirit level to adjust the level of the bottom pot
3. Then use a marker to draw the specific installation position, and connect the basin bottom to the floor drain firmly.
  The third step is to install the shower enclosure frame. Install the shower enclosure frame, use a hammer to insert the rubber into the hole, then fix the frames one by one, and tighten the shower enclosure frame with screws.
   Step 4: Fixing the Glass Wall
1. First insert the glass into the u-shaped groove of the base, then clamp the glass in the bottom pot hole to lock it, and then fix it with screws.
2. Drill holes on the top at the corresponding position above the fixed glass, install the fixing seat, connect the jacking pipe, and fix the jacking pipe on the top of the glass with an elbow sleeve. The U-shaped groove clamps the glass, and the tempered glass is clamped on the aluminum alloy frame.
  Fifth, install the sliding curved shower door.