What are Mini Posts (Spigots)




Glass doors are often used in toilets, bathrooms, outdoor swimming pools and other places. The bathroom is a more characteristic area, and it is closely related to our life. Due to the frequent use of family bathrooms, bathroom hardware must be able to withstand various tests such as high temperature and high humidity. Therefore, the purchase of bathroom hardware accessories will directly affect our lives. The following Mini Posts (Spigots) suppliers will introduce what Mini Posts (Spigots) are.

quality Mini Posts (Spigots)

Mini Posts (Spigots) are stylish and beautiful in appearance and easy to install. Nowadays, frameless shower rooms are popular in bathrooms. Some glass door hinges and glass hinges are widely used. Mini Posts (Spigots) are widely used.

The material of Mini Posts (Spigots) can be divided into stainless steel, copper and zinc alloy. Mini Posts (Spigots) made of stainless steel do not require electroplating, so there will be no blistering or mildew after a long time, and the bearing capacity is also better; the bathroom clip made of copper is bright after electroplating, and the grade is better, generally The shower rooms of star-rated hotels are mostly used, and the cost will be relatively higher than that of zinc alloy bathroom clips, but if the electroplating is not good, the surface will foam, and the load-bearing capacity of the alloy is relatively poor, which is prone to brittle fracture.