Selection of swimming pool water treatment equipment




Swimming pool water treatment equipment is suitable for: competition swimming pool water treatment, mass swimming pool water treatment, clubhouse community swimming pool water treatment, star hotel swimming pool water treatment, villa swimming pool water treatment, leisure swimming pool water treatment, training swimming pool water treatment. There are three main forms, one is pressure type equipment, one is wall-mounted type equipment, and the other is gravity type equipment. The technical characteristics of the three are as follows:

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     1. The pressure equipment is usually the traditional sand tank and sand tank.

     2. Wall-mounted equipment is a device that integrates filtration and circulation and is hung on the wall of the swimming pool. There is no need to build a machine room and lay pipes. If the outdoor pool is affected by the external environment for a long time, it is easy to shorten the service life of the equipment, and the equipment is semi-automatic operation and manual backwashing, which requires regular cleaning and replacement of filter bags, which is troublesome; suitable for small swimming pools, Private swimming pool, filtration accuracy 5-15NTU, no gravity equipment with high accuracy.