Glass Face Fix System products




1. Glue fixation method
This fixing method is often used for fixing the stained art glass background wall and the mirror flower art glass background wall. In most cases, the thickness of these two background walls is about 5mm. The weight is relatively light, and the background wall has a backboard. It is more suitable to use structural adhesive to fix it. The specific method can be used to hit the backboard with black structural adhesive, which is generally a large core board. Then stick the background wall on it. In order to prevent the glass background wall from shifting before curing, auxiliary methods such as tape and top pressure can be used to fix the position. Once the structural adhesive is fully cured, it can be removed.

Face Fix System products
2. the wooden frame fixing method.
In this fixing method, most of the glass background walls are thin. The load-bearing rests entirely on the surrounding wooden frame. In the production of the background wall, the pattern is divided into several pieces of glass, each glass is equipped with a wooden frame.
3.mirror nail fixation method
This fixing method is mostly used for frameless art glass background walls or thicker and heavier art glass background walls.