Frameless Glass Accessories




There are many different types of accessories for frameless glass. Today, I mainly want to learn about hardware locks. Different hardware locks have different adaptation ranges and different operability. Therefore, we still need to be able to understand the purchase items before purchasing hardware locks. Adaptation effect, such as choosing the appropriate product according to different anti-theft doors, if you want to replace the fingerprint lock, etc., then you need to understand the sensitivity of the fingerprint lock, etc.

quality frameless glass fitting
1. Choose the right lock: When we buy hardware locks, we need to be able to choose the right product. This is not only considering the specific product effect, but also the size and price of the product. It is recommended that you can choose the door lock you want to equip. To reasonably choose the appropriate locks, including hardware locks of different sizes, etc.

2. Understand mechanical parts: Hardware locks are also composed of multiple parts, so it is also very important for us to understand the scope of use of each mechanical part, such as hardware shrapnel, etc. It is stainless steel after heat treatment, with stable Therefore, it is often used in electrical switches, which can give the operator a good experience and prolong the service life of the switch.