How to choose and buy China Shower Bracing Bars




Every household has a bathroom, and the bathroom is related to Shower Bracing Bars. The purchase of China Shower Bracing Bars also requires certain skills. Here is a selection of China Shower Bracing Bars in the bathroom for everyone. Buying skills, you can refer to.

Buy Shower Bracing Bars

China Shower Bracing Bars refers to the telescopic support rods used to hang shower curtains. Generally, it is an inner and outer tube structure, that is, a small tube extends into a large tube, and the shower curtain rod is fixed by inner buckles, springs or screws, and then Hang the shower curtain.

China Shower Bracing Bars are divided into two types: expansion rods and screws fixed to the wall. If you choose a straight shower curtain rod and there are two wall support points, you can choose an expansion rod, which is easy to install and move; and once you choose a curved shower curtain rod, you must choose two ends to fix it on the wall with screws The China Shower Bracing Bars with stainless steel pipes are safe and strong. When choosing shower curtains and installation, some details need to be in place, generally need to pay attention to several aspects.

1. Water retaining strips, since the drainage speed of the floor drain in the shower room is slower than the flushing speed of the shower, the water retaining strips should be installed on the ground of the shower area. It is generally laid on the outside of the shower curtain. It is best to choose a natural stone water retaining strip with a thick bottom of 1-2 cm. Choose mildew-proof high-quality glass glue and lay it on the periphery of the shower curtain.

2. Shower curtain suspension method, shower curtain suspension is generally divided into two types: one is to install flexible shower curtain rails, and the other is to install China Shower Bracing Bars. Special attention should be paid to the installation of the flexible shower curtain track. First, determine the specific installation location of the flexible shower curtain track, then install the aluminum gusset plate in the bathroom, and then install the flexible shower curtain track.

The above is the relevant purchase knowledge of China Shower Bracing Bars, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.