Classification of Shower Bracing Bars components




Shower Bracing Bars components refer to the telescopic support rods used to hang shower curtains, which are simple to use, inexpensive and easy to replace. Generally, Shower Bracing Bars components are inner and outer tube structures, that is, a small tube (inner tube) extends into a large tube (outer tube), and the shower curtain rod is fixed by inner buckles, springs or screws, and then the shower curtain is hung. It is an ideal product in the current era of dwellings, which solves the problems of small space and flying splashes. The tool-free type is further divided into the inner button screw rotation type and the spring type.

Shower Bracing Bars components

Shower Bracing Bars components with inner screw type: Pull to the specified distance to lock the inner and outer tubes by eccentricity, and then rotate the screws of the inner tube to make it tight.

Spring-type Shower Bracing Bars components: Fix the spring on the inner tube through the stamping process, so that the distance to be pulled out is longer than the required distance, and then press the inner tube into the outer tube with force to hold it against the bar.

Screw-fixed Shower Bracing Bars components: The screw-fixed type also becomes a combination bar, that is, it is used at a corner or when only one side is in contact. It can be combined into L-shaped and U-shaped through accessories, and then fixed on the wall by screws. Generally, the size that can be composed is 90*90*90cm, 90*170cm.