High-quality Slide Fold Stack products are important accessories that determine whether the folding glass door can be flexibly opened and closed




The quality Slide Fold Stack product is an important accessory that determines whether the door can be flexibly opened and closed. In the end which material quality Slide Fold Stack is easy to use. Let's take a look at the differences between copper and iron in the quality Slide Fold Stack.

good price and quality Slide Fold Stack

In fact, we know that the materials used to manufacture quality Slide Fold Stack products can generally be divided into copper or iron. Copper is used because it has good strength, does not change color, and is not easy to rust. However, the strength of copper is not as strong as that of stainless steel, and it will be oxidized and discolored over time. The big feature of the iron hinge is that the cost is low and the price is cheap. The big disadvantage is that it will rust. Iron quality Slide Fold Stack is generally used in places with low requirements for decoration style, such as factory doors, ordinary decoration doors and windows, etc.

No matter which one needs to be maintained, if you see rust on the quality Slide Fold Stack product, you can use a cleaning agent to clean it off, which can maintain the appearance of the product.

For the quality Slide Fold Stack, the structure is stable and strong, and there will be no loosening when shaking with your hands. The product is reasonable and user-friendly, and it is easy to use. The quality Slide Fold Stack will be surface treated, the surface is bright or brushed, which can meet the requirements of personalized decoration consumers, and some product surfaces are treated with different colors, and the surface treatment is uniform, smooth, no color difference, no falling off.