What are the pros and cons of Slide Fold Stack products




Glass is an ancient building material that has been around since ancient Egypt. With the common development of human society, the glass industry has created various kinds of glass with unique functions, making the glass family continue to thrive, such as bulletproof glass, photoelectric glass, vacuum glass, etc., all of which play an irreplaceable role in their respective fields. We will cover what are the pros and cons of Slide Fold Stack products.

Slide Fold Stack products

Advantages of Slide Fold Stack products:
1.Slide Fold Stack products have the advantages of beautiful appearance, novel style and various colors.
2. It is easy to use, push and pull freely, and effectively save the space occupied by the door.
3.Slide Fold Stack products have chemical stability such as light weight, thermal insulation, cold and heat insulation, moisture resistance, fire retardant, noise reduction and sound insulation, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.
4. No oil fume, easy to clean, not easy to change color, suitable for kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other occasions.
5. Easy and fast installation, long service life and easy maintenance.

Cons of Slide Fold Stack products:
1. The sealing performance is slightly poor.
2. The thermal insulation is slightly poor.
3. Components such as ordinary Slide Fold Stack products are easy to wear and require high-quality accessories.