What are the types of Pool Gate Fittings




Glass doors have good lighting effects and are full of modern aesthetics. Now they are widely used in various places. We often see glass doors in shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, community gates, etc. Have you ever observed glass doors? Know it Which Pool Gate Fittings do they rely on to function? If you have observed, you will find that these Pool Gate Fittings are different from other door product accessories, and many accessories are dedicated to glass doors. What exactly are Pool Gate Fittings?

Pool Gate Fittings

What are the types of Pool Gate Fittings? Pool Gate Fittings Installation

Types of Pool Gate Fittings

1. Floor spring: The floor spring is a hydraulic door closer specially used for glass doors. It does not use a rack and pinion, but a worm wheel to compress the spring. The worm wheel can rotate in the forward direction and direction, so the floor spring The glass door can be opened in two directions. The most important thing about the floor spring is that it can bear the weight of the glass door, avoid the glass door from hitting the bottom, and will not squeeze the glass door.

2. Door clip: Whether it is a framed glass door or a frameless glass door, because of the characteristics of the glass material itself, it cannot rely on hinge hinges to connect the door frame like ordinary door products. Fix the glass door in the upper and lower directions. This is not only to keep the glass door from deviating from the track, but also to protect the glass door leaf.

3. Hinged hinge: Any door product needs to use the hinge hinge, which is the key hardware accessory connecting the door leaf and the door frame. Without it, the door product cannot be used normally. However, it is suitable for the characteristics of different door products. The hinge hinge of the door is different. For example, the door usually uses a bearing hinge, which is large in size and can withstand the heavy door. The glass door needs to use a special glass door hinge.

4. Door locks: The door locks of Pool Gate are also different from other door locks. The door locks of other doors are usually combined with the door handle, that is, the epilogue space, and it is very beautiful. The glass door is different, its door The lock and the door handle are separate. Sometimes the door lock is used on the door handle for security. These are determined by the unique characteristics of the glass door.