What's the difference between Bathroom Door Hinges and Shower Door Hinges




Bathroom Door Hinges and Shower Door Hinges? This question has always been questioned by many friends. There are also many friends who think that the bathroom door hinge is the hinge, but the statement is different. But some people think there is a difference between the two, so what is the difference?

Shower Door Hinges

1. The main application range is different: Shower Door Hines are usually used for the installation of glass doors and windows, and hinges are mostly used for the installation of furniture. Hinges are limited to allowing sashes to rotate, while Shower Door Hinges allow sashes or cabinet doors to both rotate and translate. Moreover, in some special occasions, the two cannot be replaced at will. For example, casement windows can only use hinges, and hinges cannot ensure the force requirements.

2. Different usage methods: they are also installed on the windows. Since the hinge itself has no friction, it needs to be used together with the plank to prevent the window from being damaged by the wind when it is open; if it is a Shower Door Hinges, it is self-contained. resistance, can also be used alone.

Most of the time, hinges and Shower Door Hinges actually refer to the same thing, or we would consider them as a material. Therefore, if you go to buy these two, you can't be sure whether the two are the same, you can go to the regular Shower Door Hinges manufacturer to see the product directly.