Best Glass Railing Systems Installation Guide




Best Glass Railing Systems can not only be decorated, but also can be used for safety protection. Therefore, it can be installed on the balcony. This kind of glass railing is a stressed member and is easy to withstand external forces such as pushing and leaning. However, the glass used in the railing must have Enough strength.

Best Glass Railing Systems

Because Best Glass Railing Systems is made of glass, it needs to be installed carefully when installing, and the installation steps must be installed in order. Let's take a look at some of the main points of the installation together:

Best Glass Railing Systems plane installation
Best Glass Railing Systems should use tempered glass or laminated glass. The thickness of tempered glass should not be less than 13 mm. The glass must not be in direct contact with rigid nodes. There must be an elastic material liner between the two. When the design adopts two-sided glass railings When the glass extends into the column slot, there should be a gap of more than 3 mm on each side. The gap should be filled with glass sealant, and the glass slot should not be less than 13 mm.

Best Glass Railing Systems base column installation
The base of Best Glass Railing Systems is the key part of the fixed railing. It needs to be processed with angle steel to form a fixed glass fixing piece. The two sides of the fixing piece are connected to the floor with expansion screws or electric welding and preconditioning. The bottom of the groove and the fixing part should be cushioned with rubber support blocks. The depth of the glass extending into the fixing part should be greater than 10 mm. The glass should be inserted into the fixing part with a gap of 3-6 mm. For glass clamping, a gap of about 6 mm should be left between the steel plate and the glass, and a gap of about 6 mm should be left at the intersection of the glass and other materials. The gap should be filled with glass sealant. After installation, check the safety of the railings. After loosening, decorate and cover the surface of the railing base.