Why is Glass Railing System so popular




As a large number of stairs practitioners, it is very strange why the Glass Railing System has been so popular in recent years, which is considered to be caused by the simple decoration style. Glass Railing System has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Glass Railing System

Advantages of Glass Railing System: simple, transparent and easy to clean.

Disadvantages of Glass Railing System: Glass will explode on its own. Self-explosion generally exists in tempered glass. Especially in summer and winter, the lower floor is air-conditioned or floor heating, and the upper floor is not air-conditioned or floor heating, which can easily lead to large temperature differences in different parts of the same glass. As the temperature difference causes different thermal expansion and cold contraction, the possibility of self-explosion of tempered glass increases greatly over time. Once the railing glass itself explodes, it will cause great danger to the owner on the one hand, and damage the ground and walls on the other. Moreover, once the glass explodes itself, it is more troublesome to replace because it is embedded.
2. The Glass Railing System prevents the air from circulating better in the house. Due to the barrier of the glass railing, the air will circulate upwards when it hits the glass. The glass railing divides the various parts of the house into small areas for air circulation, resulting in slow air renewal in the house.
3. Glass Railing System is prone to cause aesthetic fatigue. As people grow older, people's aesthetics will continue to change and improve. Glass Railing System is unattractive and artistic, you will like it at first, but after a long period of time you will experience aesthetic fatigue. Due to the complex structure, it is almost impossible to replace in the future.
4. Glass Railing System makes the home colder. Home is a warm place, because glass is a product with a very cold color. If you use too much glass, it is easy to feel cold at home.

So choosing the Glass Railing System still has many disadvantages. Since glass railings have so many shortcomings, why do so many people choose it?

The Glass Railing System has always existed. Why is it so popular in recent years? The real reason is the renderings. Most of the photos used to make the renderings for the owners’ homes only show the living room, so the renderings do not basically need to reflect the stairs and railings, and the owners can choose the category by themselves when purchasing. In recent years, due to the great progress of drawing technology, panoramic dynamic renderings have become popular, so companies that specialize in renderings must display the stairs of the owner’s home in the renderings. Making renderings requires models of stairs and railings, which are more complicated, and the company that makes renderings will spend a lot of time making models. The point is that it is difficult to be professional. So the rendering company uses the Glass Railing System, because the glass railing stretch only needs to draw a few lines. It is for this reason that the Glass Railing System has been particularly popular in recent years.