How to use Shower U Channels & Fittings




1. Measure and set-out: measure the set-out according to the size of the design drawing, measure the elevation of the base level, the central axis of the glass wall and the upper and lower parts, and the position line of the Shower U Channels & Fittings.

Shower U Channels & Fittings
2. Installation of the upper glass tank on the lower side of the Shower U Channels & Fittings: Install the steel parts at the bottom of the tank according to the size of the design drawing, fix it with expansion bolts, and then install the upper and side steel glass tanks. Straighten it and fix it. Bottom tape in the installation tank, all non-stainless steel parts are painted with anti-rust paint.
3. Glass block installation: Tempered flat glass is all customized by professional manufacturers and shipped to the construction site. First of all, clean the glass tank and glass block. Use a glass installer or a consignment suction cup to place the glass block in the installation tank. After leveling and standing upright, use a plastic block to fix it tightly. All the same glass walls are installed and leveled upright. Just started injecting glue.
4. Caulking glue: After all the glass is in place, correct the flatness and verticality, and at the same time embed the foam molding in the slot to make the glass and the metal groove flat and close, and then apply silicon* structural glue;
5. Frame decoration: Generally, the frame of the glass partition wall without mullion is to embed the frame in the facing layer of the wall, column and ground. It can be connected to the glass when installing.
6. Cleaning and protection of finished products: After the mullion-free glass partition wall is installed, clean the glue and stains on the surface of the glass with cotton yarn and detergent, and then use stickers and other methods to make eye-catching signs to prevent collisions The glass accident happened.

The above is how to use Shower U Channels & Fittings, I hope it will be helpful to you.