Factors to consider when purchasing Shower Hardware accessories




1. Look at the material
The copper of Shower Hardware accessories is H59, which is the common bathroom end copper, while the copper used by some brands is H39 or H49. Relatively speaking, the quality is not as good as the former.

quality Shower Hardware

2. Look at the process flow
Shower Hardware generally needs to go through five processes of fine grinding, intermediate grinding, three grinding, finishing and sanding before electroplating. The surface of the copper material is bright and flat, and the adsorption force is strong. Then, the surface is degreasing with an alkaline agent, and the imported ultrasonic equipment is used for precision dewaxing. After treatment, it is very clean, so the adhesion is strong.
Copper hardware fittings only need to undergo fine grinding, middle grinding and fine grinding. The surface brightness of the copper material is average, there are pinholes, and the adsorption force is average. Then, use water to raise the temperature to remove oil and wax. The wax removal effect is not good, so the adhesion is poor and the coating is easy to fall off.

3. Look at the electroplating process
The electroplating process of Shower Hardware requires electro-paint treatment on the surface, which is more wear-resistant and not easy to scratch. After electroplating, the combination of copper and plating is extremely strong, the surface is always bright as new, no pinhole black spots and other appearance quality problems, strong corrosion resistance, and long service life.

It can also be compared with the standard: Copper Shower Hardware accessories, the alkali-plated copper layer ≥ 2um, the second layer of glue-plated copper layer ≥ 3um, the third layer of acid-plated copper layer ≥ 6um, the purpose of plating three layers of copper with different properties is Clean and fill the tiny pinholes on the surface of the copper parts again. The fourth layer of semi-gloss nickel plating is ≥4um, the sixth layer of nickel plating front layer is ≥2um, and the seventh layer of chromium plating is ≥0.6um to prevent corrosion and keep bright and improve the hardness. And abrasion resistance.

The electroplating process of Shower Hardware accessories is relatively simple: the layer is plated with domestic glue copper, the second layer is plated with acid copper, the third layer is nickel plated (with many small pinholes), the fourth layer is chrome plated, and the fifth layer is plated with transparent protective oil ( The surface is easily scratched). Inferior copper plating layer has a general degree of bonding, thin plating layer, easy to fall off, insufficient surface degree, appearance quality problems such as pinholes, black spots, poor anti-corrosion performance, and short service life.

4. Look at the price
The price of shower room using Shower Hardware accessories is relatively high, while the price of shower room using copper hardware accessories is relatively low.

The above introduction about the factors to be considered in the purchase of Shower Hardware accessories, I hope you can understand.