Which material is better for Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps




If you want to install stairs at home, you must pay attention to choosing the right material. Many families will choose glass stair handrails, which will look very beautiful, but when installing, pay attention to the installation method of Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps. Many people are concerned about whether the glass handrail Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps is expensive, and they are not sure which material is good for the handrail Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps. Let's take a closer look at this problem.

Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps

Is the glass handrail Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps expensive?

The price of glass staircase Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps is based on the normal market quotation. Generally, the price of this kind of stair railing is between 300-350 yuan per meter, of which 12 mm tempered glass is 120 yuan per square meter for edging and perforating processing fees, and wooden handrails The structure of the guardrail is 150-180 yuan (including paint), and the glass installation is extra, about 20-30 yuan per meter! (If the structure is more complicated, the total price will increase by 30%) The above quotation source network is for reference only.

Which material is better for Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps?

1. Solid wood. This kind of material is more common in daily life. It gives people a generous and stable visual experience as a whole. It is relatively common in small western-style buildings, villas or transfloors on one side. If it is used outdoors, it is not recommended. It can't be exposed to wind or rain, and it will become dry, cracked, decayed, and deformed over time.

2. Glass. This kind of material is also more common, and it is also a kind of material that people are quite familiar with, but it is still not commonly used at home, and it is mostly seen in shopping malls or public places. Its advantage is that it can make the stairs more fashionable, and the important thing is that it is easy Take care of and clean.

3. Stainless steel. This material has been widely used and commonly used in recent years. It can be seen everywhere, such as public places, home improvement, etc. Its advantages are light weight and long service life. Stainless steel stair railings are not only common in public places. , Can often be seen at home.

4. Iron art. This kind of material can give people an artistic atmosphere, and it is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It can be used in exotic rooms, like European style, and it is very suitable to use iron stair railings. It is characterized by easy modeling, different colors of paint can be applied to the exterior, easy to match the decoration style, and beautiful appearance, but the shortcoming is that the service life is not as long as that of stainless steel.

5. Jade. The last one is the jade that sounds particularly high-end, is it rare to think about it? However, in real life, using this material to make stair railings is usually replaced by artificial jade, which is lower than real jade, but it is also the most expensive of all materials. It is mostly used in villas, so that the entire The environment of the villa becomes warm and gentle, which can highlight the jade-like character of the owner.

When decorating the house, it is recommended to decorate according to the decoration style and color of the family. The above is about the price of glass handrail Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps and which material is good for handrails. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. When decorating the house, you must first understand the interior decoration effects and methods to ensure the interior aesthetics and overall coordination.