How to choose the quality Shower Box




A good quality Shower Box design must be a plus for the comfort of the home environment. For example, in recent years, the hot-selling Shower Box, driven by the popularization of the concept of dry and wet separation of life, many people think that it is more useful for blocking water vapor, and it is also very easy to take care of. Compared with the traditional shower curtain partition, it is It is convenient and beautiful. Let's take a look at the purchase of Shower Box.

How to choose the quality Shower Box

1. The glass of the Shower Box

The main material of the Shower Box is tempered glass, but the quality of tempered glass on the market is quite different. First of all, we recommend the thickness of the glass to be around 8-10mm. The thickness of the glass indicates that it is stronger. Of course, the thickness of the glass also has higher requirements for accessories such as pulleys. However, this is based on guaranteed quality. It is difficult for some small-brand Shower Box factories to achieve complete tempering. In the event of a burst, there will be sharp mouths that will cause harm to the human body.

2. Profiles of Shower Box

The profile of the Shower Box is generally made of aluminum alloy, and the price of aluminum alloy profile is cheaper, while some high-end Shower Box profiles will choose stainless steel or copper accessories. The appearance looks more atmospheric and beautiful, but the price is also more expensive. One thing to emphasize is that the thickness of the qualified Shower Box aluminum material is above 1.2mm, and the aluminum material for glass hanging on the rail needs to be above 1.5mm. The corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of titanium-magnesium alloys are better than those of aluminum-magnesium alloys, and the strength and toughness are three to four times that of ordinary aluminum alloys. Copper alloy, in order to enhance corrosion resistance, must be plated, and the degree of adhesion between the plated layer and the copper alloy is an important indicator of good or bad. Forging copper itself has high cost and high process requirements, so it is used in expensive high-end Shower Box. In addition, most of the stainless steel in the Shower Box refers to 304 stainless steel, and its corrosion resistance is also very good.

3. Style of Shower Box

Shower Box has a font, square, diamond, arc and other shapes according to different spaces. Generally speaking, the arc shower room has higher space requirements, and other types are widely used. In terms of appearance, the color and line of the black frame are the most popular in recent years. On the one hand, it is relatively simple and generous, suitable for most decoration styles. On the other hand, the minimalist style is also favored by many designers.

4. Is the Shower Box a sliding door or a swing door?

At present, the door opening types of Shower Box mainly include sliding doors and flat doors. Among them, the internal sliding door is not recommended, other types can be selected according to needs. Because the internal sliding door is easy to cause the internal space to be small, there is a danger that it will be difficult to get treatment in time if someone is unwell in the shower room. The swing door type glass door has a large opening area, and the opening and closing of the door is light and convenient, which is convenient for users to enter and exit the shower room. In general, a flat-shaped shower room will use a swing door, after all, it does not take up space.