What products are included in Washroom Partition Fittings Systems




Washroom Partition Fittings Systems are mainly divided into hardware components and glass partitions. The hardware components can be divided into Adjustable Shower Bracing Bars, fixed supports, tie rod components, corner codes, Door Latch components, hinges, clothes hooks, and connectors; the partition plates are also It is divided into wall side and tail grating, middle partition, side board and tail grating, middle board, door panel, etc.

What products are included in Washroom Partition Fittings Systems

Washroom Partition Fittings Systems is to use different hardware components to connect all kinds of partition boards into a whole. Because there is often water vapor indoors, the interior decoration materials must be mainly waterproof and moisture-proof materials. The selection of Washroom Partition Fittings Systems should be coordinated with the overall layout. The top surface material of the sanitary partition is generally made of colorful molded aluminum gusset and acrylic molded ceiling. These materials have strong water resistance and are covered with heat insulation materials. They are ideal materials for bathroom ceilings. The specifications are 120mm wide and 300mm*300mm. It is mainly square, and the surface structure has two types: flat and micro-void.

I believe that many people have seen the glass partition in the bathroom, and many families will choose the stylish design, which is very helpful to increase the transparency of the space, but in fact, the installation of the glass partition is very particular. Poor installation leads to the bathroom If the drainage system is blocked, it will cause unnecessary trouble. Let's take a look at how to install the bathroom glass partition.

Slotting on the ground, insert 2-3mm stainless steel, and make the bottom shock-proof strip with U-shaped groove, and then insert the glass partition, which must be tempered glass, and finally fill the mosaic with glass glue to ensure that it cannot be shaken from side to side.

When installing the toilet partition, you should install a hand pole to prevent slipping, especially if there are elderly and children in the home, which is an indispensable part; secondly, when placing small household appliances such as hair dryers, pay attention to stay away from the bathtub or shower room. , So as to avoid the fatal danger of electric shock.

Then, the power socket of the bathroom should be equipped with a moisture-proof cover. It is reasonable to use a pull-wire switch, and it is best not to install and use the phone in the bathtub or shower room because of the trend. It is also reminded that the partition glass is best to choose tempered Glass, or plexiglass will also work.