How to choose the hardware accessories of glass swimming pool door



1. The hinges, slide rails and locks with good sealing performance should be selected. When you buy it, you can open and close it and pull it several times to feel its flexibility and convenience.
2. It is advisable to choose locks with good flexibility. When purchasing, you can insert and dial the key several times to see if it is smooth and whether it is easy to twist the switch.
3. Select decorative hardware with good appearance and performance. When purchasing, it is mainly to see whether the appearance is defective, how the electroplating gloss is, and whether the texture is smooth.

Pool Gate Fittings Wholesale Price

(1) Doors, windows and accessories: must meet the design requirements, and the specifications and models should meet the national standards.
(2) Floor spring: The floor spring of the door should be a stainless steel surface or a copper surface. Before it is officially used after installation, the opening and closing speed of the front, rear, left and right should be adjusted for ease of use. The hydraulic part cannot leak oil. Door stoppers can also be used.
(3) Door lock: It should be a safety lock that can be opened on both sides.
(4) Push handle: choose stainless steel, aluminum alloy or copper.
(5) Pulley and pulley frame: The pulley can be made of hard nylon pulley and pulley frame, generally made of galvanized steel.
(6) Sealing material: The sealing rubber strip should be used together with the waterproof sealant.